Utilization of ICT is one of the efforts made by the City Government of Bandung in overcoming the urban problems. It is well-known as the concept of Smart City. There are many smart government programs which have been implemented in Bandung, one of them is the Assessment Information System Service of Bandung Juara or known as SIP Bdg Juara. But the expectations and achievements obtained by the presence of SIP Bdg Juara are relatively low since there are still several factors considered by the citizens of Bandung in order to adopt the application of SIP Bdg Juara. Furthermore, not all of the citizens have thoroughly understood the system. Hence, it is important to find out the acceptance of this website.

This research uses modified UTAUT 2 model which was taken from the UTAUT 2 Theory by Venkatesh et al. (2012) consisting of seven main variables; Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Social Influence, Facilitating Conditions, Hedonic Motivation, Price value, and Habit. Besides, two moderating variables of Age and Gender were also involved. This research then used SEM-PLS method with SmartPLS 3.0 software. For the data collection, questionnaires were distributed to 400 respondents with the criteria of residents living in the city of Bandung, whether they have or have not yet participated in SIP Bdg Juara website. Finally, this study found out that the most influencing factor of interest in using SIP Bdg Juara website is Price value, followed by Hedonic Motivation, then Habit, in which all of those three factors have a positive influence in both types of latent variables. While the variables affecting Use Behavior related to the use of SIP Bdg Juara website are Habit and Behavioral Intention. Therefore, these findings are expected to enable practitioners to gain more information in improving the successful implementation of ICT-based governance programs.

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Shabrina, Z. W., Alamanda, D. T., & Prabowo, F. S. (2017). Technology Adoption on Information System Assessment Application Bandung Juara (Sip Bdg Juara) Using Modified UTAUT 2 Model in Bandung. AFEBI Management and Business Review (AMBR).

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Z . W. Shabrina, D. T. Alamanda and F. S. Prabowo, “Technology Adoption on Information System Assessment Application Bandung Juara (Sip Bdg Juara) Using Modified UTAUT 2 Model in Bandung,” AFEBI Management and Business Review (AMBR), 2017.


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