Generally, Business faculty of various universities offering integrated learning methods with the application of information, technology, communication and management (ICTM). In fact, the need for the implementation of all those three aspects need to be collaborated and integrated across a variety of subjects studied by students in order to have more interdisciplinary linkages. The purpose of this study is to produce a constructive approach based on teaching and create a more active learning environment of business management knowledge by conducting peer evaluation among businessstudents. The data based on theanalysis method that uses descriptive analysis and explanatory study to compare the measurement of student activity score and the average assessment of student assignments of integrated business experiencein-experimental exploratory model. Sample of this research comes from an experimental class consisting of 36business students in the five subjects as the source of the research analysis; Marketing Management; Business Ethics, Data Management, Business Statistics and Economics by using ANOVA test if the data were normally distributed and the alternative using the Kruskall Wallis test when the data is not normally distributed. Statistical significance of the results is determined by the value of p<0.05. The data obtained are recorded in a special form and then processed with SPSS version 20.0ForWindows. Analysis of the 95% confidence level, the study shows that there are differences in the average scores of interdisciplinary activity (significance 0.005 <0.05), the average value of student activities (significance 0.000<0.05), the average student assessment (significance 0.04<0.05), a statistically significant p value based on the assumed normal by ANOVA statistical test. The results of this study establish the learning process of business study with peer assessment evaluations of fellow business students to build an active collaboration between the subject courses, each assignment to foster the sharing of relevant knowledge. Eventually the student’s knowledge of the business is not fixated only on theoretical but also sharpen analytical thinking processes, critical and convincing presentation.

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