This research was conducted to examine television media strategy for SIMcard product category. In order to extent comprehension on how TV advertisers select TV spot, it is important to understand what factor being considered by TV advertiser for selecting the suited TV spot particularly for SIM card product category.

The source of data for this study was obtained from A. C. Nielsen, using Arianna software. It is consisted TV advertisement data every day for one month (March 2010). The factors which are evaluated are television rating, rate, program, time (day and hour), and category of a brand/product. This research covers 10 national TV stations in Indonesia, which are RCTI, SCTV, Trans TV, Trans 7, Global TV, ANTV, TPI (MNC), Metro TV, Indosiar and TV One.

Finding in this research include that in some of television station, advertiser did not always considered advertisement cost, or the timing of advertisement. Some advertisers tend to consider other aspects such as rating and the number of viewer, not only about the television rate. But still, a television program that has high rating not always attract more ads.

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