Small Medium Enterprise (SME) value can be improves with the collaborative creativity between SME and their customers. This collaboration enabling the innovation will increase the customer satisfaction. Zocha is one of the SME that involve in handicraft, arts, and tourism business. These businesses form from several craftsman, farmer, and tourism enthusiasts in Garut. Recently, Zocha developing the handicraft product which is not only can be enjoyed by the sense but also can create some kind of prestige among the customers who own the product. Pursuing that goal Zocha need to have a co-creation value so they can set up a better planning for the future. The goal of the research was to analyze the Zocha’s co-creation value using the DART model (Dialogue, Access, Risk Assessment and Transparency). We use qualitative method in this longitudinal research. An interview using the snowball method also conducted towards twelve reliable sources from the Zocha as well as from the external. The result showed that Zocha need to improve their way of conducting the business in order to achieve the co-creation value. Implication for organization is discussed.

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Alamanda, D. T., Amani, H., Anggadwita, G., Prasetio, A., & Anwar, A. K. (2015). New Value Co-Creation of Zocha SME Using The DART Model. International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IICIES). Bandung: SBM ITB IICIES.