Students are the most valuable assets of the university. Development of intellectual capital and mind shift of the student are one of big challenges. Widyatama University, especially accounting department, intends to develop a knowledgeable-based economy. So we realize that development of intellectual capital should be put into a priority. In the context of International Education Standards, personal competency is an important thing. As such university is systematically accelerating the development of quality intellectual capital. As such, in the recent launching of soft skills in Widyatama University, some soft skills and the strategies undertaken to infuse them into the curriculum of higher education are identified. This paper will give an overview of implementing one of soft skills approach. The objective of the study is to examine the implementation of problem-based learning and inquiry (PBL) to the students’ soft skills and hard skills. The samples of the study are accountancy students who obtain Financial Accounting such as principle, intermediate, and advanced accounting. The data are collected using purposive sampling approach. The result of the study indicates that the soft-skill approach is potentially successful to develop student performance.

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