Family businesses play an important role in every country as they contribute to the national economy and employment levels. Indeed, many successful global companies have developed from family businesses with succession one of the most challenging issues often faced by this type of commercial enterprise. The active participation of women in such enterprises has been increasing over the last few decades and this study aims to identify the opportunities for them to manage this type of company within the Indonesian context. Moreover, it focuses on identifying a gender-based hierarchy as well as promoting a more comprehensive understanding about the role of women within family businesses. This study features multi-case analyses with a qualitative approach being used to gather and analyze data through in-depth interviews with several Indonesian family business owners having experience of succession. Furthermore, this study also proposes a conceptual framework demonstrating the various stages of succession planning related to gender equality, which provide women with an opportunity to form the next generation of family business leaders. Finally, it provides a basis for further empirical testing. Above all, this research seeks to provide greater access for women to the management of family businesses, to expand women’s participation, together with their role in controlling family businesses.

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